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Workforce Engagement Survey

As Maine State Government continues its journey toward becoming an employer of choice—that is, one that is known for its ability to attract, retain, and cultivate a talented, engaged workforce through positive workplace culture, leadership, and career development opportunities—we invite you to share your opinions through the 2nd Annual Workforce Engagement Survey. Your perspectives help to shape the future of state government, transforming it into a more enriching workplace. 

Decades of research have revealed a strong connection between employee engagement and organizational performance. Engaged employees find their work more meaningful and deliver better results. Improving government performance can also increase public confidence in government, which may further boost morale among public servants.

Beginning in October 2022, the Bureau of Human Resources administered an annual Workforce Engagement Survey for the Executive Branch to support Maine State Government’s goal of creating a better workplace for all. It is critical for the State, as your employer, to better understand how our workforce feels about practices that influence job satisfaction, engagement, leadership, communication, and job support. This survey provides the opportunity to receive feedback from the more than 11,000 State employees and contractors on areas for improvement in order to support our goal of being an employer of choice.

Participating in this survey is voluntary. Your responses will be combined with the responses of other employees to ensure that your answers remain anonymous. No individual answers will be identifiable based on any specific information.

Take the Workforce Engagement Survey online

Other Ways To Submit Your Responses

If you're unable to take it online, you may submit a paper copy by printing the document below, completing your responses, and mailing it to the Bureau of Human Resources. Envelopes containing mailed versions of the survey will be shredded to protect anonymity.

Access a paper copy of the Workforce Engagement Survey

Interoffice mail
Bureau of Human Resources
Attn: Talent Management Division

By mail
Bureau of Human Resources
Attn: Talent Management Division
111 Sewall Street 4th Floor
Augusta, Maine 04333