Recreational Lodging

Last Updated: December 2, 2013

Rule Revisions

Over the past two years Maine Land Use Planning Commission ("Commission") has been working with stakeholders to understand changing market demands for recreational lodging services and identify ways in which the regulatory structure can be improved to encourage well-sited recreation businesses. Based on stakeholder feedback, ideas, and concerns the Commission is pleased to announce that it has recently adopted a comprehensive revision of its rules in a number of ways that address a majority of the known issues regarding recreational lodging.


What Next?

Rule changes of this magnitude will require an implementation period. During this implementation phase the Commission will be undertaking a variety of actions to ease the transition and to fulfill the intended benefits. These include, but are not limited to: revise application forms, outreach to facility owners, and undertaking staff initiated rezonings.

The Commission will be notifying facility owners of the recent changes, offer assistance, and identify aspects that are likely to be important to their operations.

This website will continue to serve as the primary source of information regarding this effort. Otherwise, please direct any specific questions to: Tim Beaucage at (207) 287-4894 or