The web page contains all the information needed for our training programs; please take a few moments to peruse it. It will show you if you are enrolled in the program or on the waiting list. Our web address is
Please feel free to call us should you have any questions or concerns. We can be reached at 624-7936 or by email at



If you are confirmed for a program and do not attend and do not let us know you will not be attending or that someone else will be attending in your place, you will be noted as a “no show”. If this occurs two times, you will not be permitted to attend any of the training programs listed on this site for one training cycle with the exception of any training that is mandated by law, policy or by the commissioner. Please use our cancellation link located on the left side of the homepage on our website if you need to cancel out of a program you have signed up for.



A training day is considered a work day. Therefore, it is expected that when you sign up and are confirmed for a training you will attend the entire program. Credit will not be given for partial attendance

If you decide to attend a program without a confirmation please be aware that the presenter may choose not to accept you if there is no space or program material to accommodate you. If there is space and material, you will be welcome to stay.

The staff education and training unit is the official repository for all training records for staff. If you wish to have a copy of your transcript please contact us by email (link is on the website) or phone with your name and TAM's number.


Training Day Agreements

The following ground rules have been devised to help make the training experience a positive one for everyone involved. They are as follows:

1. Arrive on time and come back from breaks on time.

2. Attend the entire day.

3. We will end on time.

4. Keep side conversations to a minimum

5. Turn off cell phones, beepers, pagers and other electronic devices

6. Engage in the workshop

Fragrances When Attending Classes

Please remember that many people are sensitive to chemical compounds, such as perfumes and cologne, and their presence can create a health risk and make the training day uncomfortable for them. In some locations, fragrances are not permitted. If the location has such restrictions you will be notified in the confirmation from us.