U.S. Bank ReliaCard

The U.S. Bank ReliaCard is a prepaid Visa card that is a safe and easy way to receive your payments.

With the ReliaCard, your payments will be automatically loaded to your card and available for you to use right away. Set up text or email alerts when funds have been added or when your balance gets low. You can check your balance, view your transactions, find ATMs and more through the cardholder website or mobile app.

Please Note:

US Bank—which administers the ATM debit cards for Maine unemployment benefits--has increased the ATM limits from $1,025 to $2,000 for the state's unemployment program. The increase is temporary and will be reverted to previous levels once the need subsides.

A ReliaCard will be sent to you when you complete an application for benefits unless you opt to sign up for Direct Deposit at the time of filing. If you are re-activating a previous claim and don't already have a card, you'll be sent one at that time. The card will arrive in 7-10 business days in a plain, white, unmarked envelope with an Indianapolis IN return address. Please watch for it, and carefully go through your "junk" mail so that it is not accidentally thrown away.

No. If you do not have a previous payment method established at the time of filing and opt to be paid via Direct Deposit, you will not receive a ReliaCard. Please store your ReliaCard in a secure location even if you later change your payment method to Direct Deposit so we can continue to get a payment to you as quickly as possible in the event that a deposit is returned by your financial institution.

The ReliaCard is free. Some fees and surcharges may apply to certain transactions. In general:

  • Purchases (Both Signature and PIN): Free
  • ATMs: In-network - Free at any U.S. Bank, MoneyPass or AllPoint ATM.
    • U.S. Bank ReliaCard In-Network ATM Listing (PDF)
    • Find the nearest at: www.moneypass.com or www.allpointnetwork.com
    • Out of network: 1 free per month. $1.75 thereafter.
    • A full fee schedule will also be included with your card packet and available on the cardholder website.
  • ReliaCard fee schedule