Frequently Asked Questions about the US BankCard Card

The US BankCard is a safe and secure method for payment of weekly Unemployment Insurance benefits. It can be used to make purchases the same way you would use a debit card or to get cash from an ATM or bank.

Yes, you have a choice of direct deposit into your personal checking or savings account or US BankCard card. There are very few differences between the MAP card and direct deposit. In both cases, your Unemployment Insurance benefit payment is electronically added to your account.

No, the Maine Department of Labor does not issue checks.

  • You must be eligible to receive unemployment benefits to receive the new US BankCardCard.
  • When filing your claim, you will have the option to receive your benefits via direct deposit or US BankCard . If you do not select Direct deposit you will automatically receive the MAP card.
  • Your card will be sent to you in the mail, after you receive the notice that you are monetarily eligible for unemployment benefits.
  • You may use your card only after benefits have been deposited in your account.

In order to protect you from potential card theft, your card will arrive in a white windowed envelope that does not display the Department of Labor/Unemployment Insurance name or logo.

Yes, by contacting the Unemployment Insurance Call Center at 1-800-593-7660.

Generally, benefits will be deposited within 48 hours of approval by the Department of Labor The Dept of Labor approves payments Monday through Friday. You should always check your balance before using the card. You may conduct balance inquiries free of charge at OR you can call Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030.

You cannot use the MAP card until it has been activated. You should activate your card immediately after you receive it by going online to or calling Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030 . For security reasons, it is important that you pick a PIN that only you would know. Do not share your PIN or the card with anyone. You should never write your PIN on your card.

No, just weekly payments authorized by the Maine Department of Labor will be added to your US BankCard.

Your PIN is a four-digit number that you enter on the keypad at ATMs and retail locations.

  • ATM
    • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
    • Select "WITHDRAWAL" from "CHECKING".
  • Bank Teller
    • Know your balance (the teller will not have access to this information).
    • Ask for the amount you wish to withdraw up to your available balance.
    • You may need to provide your ID.
  • Cash Back
    • You can ask for ‘cash back’ when you make purchases at places like the grocery store or retail store.
    • Select “DEBIT” on the authorization machine.
    • Enter your 4-digit PIN.
    • Enter the amount of cash back you’d like.

  • Make Purchases
    Your U.S. Bank ReliaCard can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted. There is no fee to make purchases in stores, over the phone or online.
    • Know your available balance.
    • Select “CREDIT” on the authorization machine.
    • Or select “DEBIT” and enter your PIN. At participating merchants, you can also request cash back with your purchase.
  • Pay Bills
    Pay your bills online directly through the biller.
    • Log onto your billers’ websites and complete payment information with just a few clicks.

You can use your US BankCard anywhere you see the Visa Logo displayed.

No. You can use your card to make purchases, pay bills or get cash wherever Visa debit is accepted.

No. Only the state can deposit funds to the card.

You may withdraw up to $1,525 per day or the maximum amount allowed by the ATM. Limited to available balance.

A surcharge is a fee charged by the bank or entity that owns the ATM. This fee is not charged by U.S. Bank, MoneyPass and Allpoint ATMs. A surcharge fee is in addition to possible transaction fees you may be charged. To avoid this fee, make all of your withdrawals from surcharge-free ATMs (i.e. U.S. Bank, MoneyPass and Allpoint).

  • transaction fee is a cost you may incur when using the card. You can make one ATM cash withdrawal per month at any ATM location without having to pay a transaction fee.
  • surcharge is an additional fee that may be charged by the owner of an ATM. You will never have to pay a surcharge if you use a U.S. Bank, MoneyPass or Allpoint ATM.

  • Use your one free cash withdrawal per month at participating bank ATMs or any Visa Member bank teller window.
  • Take your US BankCard to your personal bank and ask that the balance be transferred to your personal checking or savings account (make sure your bank is a Visa bank to ensure you don't incur a fee).
  • Cardholder Service toll-free number (855-282-2030 ) is available to answer your questions and obtain your account balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Avoid using out of network ATMs.
  • At Point-of-Sale (POS) transaction, ask for "credit" and sign for the transaction.

  • Make sure you have activated your card.
  • If your card doesn't work, please make sure that you have money left on the card (check available balance).
  • Make sure your card is not expired.
  • If you are still having problems, call U.S Bank customer service at 855-282-2030.

An ATM denial occurs when you try to withdraw more money than you have available in your account. It is important to keep track of your balance. You may check your balance by:

  • Going to the website at OR
  • Calling U.S. Bank Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030 

Read all of the ATM messages carefully. You will not be charged a surcharge unless you agree to it. You may cancel any transaction to avoid incurring the surcharge fee. Press "Enter" to accept the surcharge fee and continue with your transaction.

Please Note: U.S. BankMoneyPass and Allpoint ATMs will never charge a surcharge or transaction fee.


  • Online – View account online at
  • Text/Email – Sign up to receive free email or text alerts when funds have been deposited to your account or when your balance gets low
  • Mobile Banking App – Search for “U.S. Bank ReliaCard” for your Apple or Android phone
  • Phone – Call Cardholder Services at 855-282-2030

U.S.BankMoneyPass and Allpoint ATM surcharge message will appear even though they are surcharge-free. Accept the surcharge if you want to make the transaction. You WILL NOT be charged the surcharge amount as long as you're using a surcharge-free ATM.

Call U.S. Bank Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030 and they will help you figure it out. If you are charged a fee that you shouldn't be charged, you will be reimbursed.

Call the U.S. Bank Cardholder Service number on the back of your card 855-282-2030.

If you are having trouble remembering your PIN, DO NOT try to guess your PIN when entering it on a POS terminal or ATM. When you enter the wrong PIN, you have two more changes to enter the correct number. If the correct PIN is not entered by the third try, you must wait until after midnight to try again. Call U.S. Bank Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030 if you are having problems with your PIN.

Yes, as long as you are unemployed you must file a claim for each week you wish to receive a payment. Weekly claims may be filed by the Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system, by calling 1-800-593-7660 and selecting option 6, by visiting our web site and selecting the option to file a weekly claim, or by mailing in your paper claim card.

If the IVR or web site will not accept your claim, call the UI claims center at 1-800-593-7660 on the next business day, Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m..

Questions regarding the US BankCard are to be directed to U.S. Bank Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030 . Questions regarding Unemployment Insurance are to be directed to the Unemployment Insurance Call Center at 1-800-593-7660.

The call center is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Call the toll-free U.S. Bank Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030 , to report a lost or stolen card. A new card will be issued and any remaining balance will be transferred to the new card.

Call U.S. Bank Cardholder Service at 855-282-2030 and let them know that you have not received your card. Make sure your mailing address is accurate. Look at your junk mail and make sure it's not in that pile. In order to protect you from potential card theft, your card will arrive in a white windowed envelope that does not display the Department of Labor  name or logo.

Unlike paper checks, debit cards are not shipped through the Department, so it may take an extra day or two for the US BankCard to reach you. Once you have your card, you will no longer have to wait for a check to arrive in the mail.

Call the Unemployment Insurance (UI) Call Center at 1-800-593-7660 to change the name or address on the account.

For security reasons, you should never share your PIN or allow anyone else to use your card.

Yes. Add-a-Card provides the ability for cardholders to order joint-account cards for a spouse, family member or friend. Both cardholders have access to the same card account balance, features, and benefits. Caution: If you order another card you are still liable for any transactions that occur even if you are not the one that used the debit card.

No. Your card is a prepaid card, not a credit card.

No. The card does not help establish credit history as no credit check is required to receive the card, and it is not tied to a bank account or a credit line.

No. Your card will be a prepaid card not a credit card. Use of the US BankCard will have no effect on your credit rating.

No. The account does not earn interest.

No. For privacy reasons, only the cardholder will have access to this information.

Yes, you can use the ReliaCard anywhere Visa is accepted.

Keep it. We'll use it to pay you the next time you draw unemployment benefits. When the card is sent to you it will have an expiration date three years from date of issue. Should you need to file another claim for unemployment benefits during this time this same card will be used.