Industry Partnership Program

To meet the needs of those industries disrupted by COVID-19 the State Workforce Board (SWB) launched the Industry Partnerships Program. The $3.5 million program, part of the Governor’s workforce strategy and a key priority to Maine’s long-term economic growth, has funded six Industry Partnership initiatives, which include a combination of businesses, industry associations, education and training providers, and community-based organizations. The Industry Partnership Program is focused on the recruiting, retention, and career advancement of workers in meaningful, good-paying careers.

Through the program, the SWB will support sector-based approaches to identify each industry’s most important workforce needs and work with training and educational organizations to provide trainings that develop skilled workers who can meet those needs, creating strong pipelines of workers through structured career pathways.

The work is meant to align with goals from the Building Maine’s Comprehensive Workforce and Talent Strategy which target the state’s workforce resources to achieve the goals outlined in Maine’s 10-year economic development strategy.

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Maine’s Industry Partnership Initiatives