Thursday, October 26, 2023

BMV branches closed statewide Oct. 26

Due to the mass casualty event in Lewiston yesterday and the ongoing effort for law enforcement to apprehend the suspect, all Bureau of Motor Vehicle branches across Maine will be closed on Thursday, Oct. 26.

“Maine is a tight-knit place where we have for so long lived with a strong sense of security. The horrifying news of the mass casualty event in Lewiston yesterday evening has shaken all of us to our core. Still today people are receiving news that their loved ones, friends, and neighbors were victims of this shooting. Across the state people are anxiously awaiting for an update that the suspect has been apprehended by law enforcement,” said Secretary of State Shenna Bellows. “In order for our customer-facing staff to feel safe and secure, we are closing BMV branches across the state, and sending staff home to be with family.”

Mainers can access many BMV services online at Any Mainer with an emergency need that cannot be completed online should call 207-626-8400 for assistance.