Monday, June 27, 2022

Secretary Bellows announces results of ballot recount for 2022 Republican Primary for State House District 73


AUGUSTA — A recount of ballots cast has been completed for the 2022 Republican Primary Recount for State Representative District 73.

The final recount tabulation shows that candidate Michael Soboleski is the winner of the House Republican Primary election with 418 votes while candidate Nancy J. Bessey has 413 votes.

Unofficial, preliminary results showed Soboleski with 419 votes and Bessey with 413 votes.

State House District 73 includes 22 towns in the counties of Franklin, Oxford, and Somerset.  

Ballot materials were collected by state law enforcement officers. The recount tabulation was held in the presence of the two candidates, their representatives, the public, as well as a livestreamed via Facebook, which is available here: