Monday, July 1, 2019
Contact: Kristen Schulze Muszynski

Maine CEC offering new online services for boards and commissions

AUGUSTA – The Secretary of State’s office is now offering a new Boards & Commissions Clerk Filing Service, and Public Search & Reports Service. This upgrade will allow the public to easily access data reports and copies of board reports, which are not currently accessible online.

The department launched the service on Thursday, June 27 and has sent a notification to all board clerks, providing pertinent information on the new service.

  • Some of the new features include:Clerk System Dashboard: This dashboard allows board clerks to manage all the boards and commissions they represent with one single user account. If they are a clerk for multiple boards, they will no longer need to remember the multiple usernames and passwords/pins. The dashboard provides a list of all the boards and commissions they represent, and access to the management tools.

  • External User Access: Board clerks can assign external user(s) to a board or commission. The external user(s) will be able to review the board and commission information, make updates to member information and run reports. In addition to assigning an external user role, the board clerk can also give them additional permission to be a clerk alternate. The clerk alternate designation will provide the external user with the ability to add and manage meeting(s) information and permission to file the annual report.

  • Boards & Commissions Public Online Services: There is a new public interface, which will consist of two free public services. Usernames and passwords are no longer required for these public services. 

  • Search: This will allow Maine citizens to electronically search all active boards and commissions.

  • Reports: This will allow Maine citizens to generate data reports for active boards and commissions on file with the Office of the Secretary of State. 

The Secretary of State’s office is available by email at and by telephone at (207) 624-7752, to answer any questions related to these new services.