Friday, Nov. 14, 2014
Contact: Kristen Schulze Muszynski

Recount Results show Thibodeau Remains Winner in Senate District 11

AUGUSTA – Secretary of State Matt Dunlap announces that a recount of results from the general election in State Senate District 11 indicates that Republican Michael Thibodeau is the winner.

Jonathan Fulford (D) had also sought the seat, which covers Waldo County. Fulford requested the recount after unofficial results from Election Day indicated that he had lost the election to Thibodeau by 105 votes, 8,961 to 9,066.

At the conclusion of the recount, which was conducted today in Augusta under the supervision of the Secretary of State's Office, it was determined that Fulford received 8,974 votes, while Thibodeau received 9,109. Thus, Thibodeau remains the winner.

This is the first of three State Senate recounts this fall. Two additional recounts, in Senate District 2 and Senate District 13, had been requested, but those requests have since been withdrawn. Recounts are now scheduled for:

  • Senate District 21 (City of Lewiston), Nathan Libby (D) vs. Patricia Gagne (R), on Monday, Nov. 17.
  • Senate District 25 (part of Cumberland County), Catherine Breen (D) vs. Cathleen Manchester (R), Tuesday, Nov. 18.

All of the recounts will take place at 9 a.m. in the Florian Room of the Department of Public Safety Building, 45 Commerce Drive in Augusta.

Recounts are a public proceeding. In a recount, the representatives of each candidate and staff members from the Department of the Secretary of State manually review each ballot to determine the official vote tally.

State law requires the State Police to collect the ballots for the recounts and keep them in a secure State Police facility until the recounts have been completed. The ballots are stored in tamperproof metal containers and are closed with specially numbered security seals and locks.

If a recount produces enough disputed ballots to affect the outcome of the election, the Maine State Senate would determine which candidate to seat in State Senate races. The Maine House of Representatives would determine which candidate to seat in House races. The Supreme Judicial Court would make a determination in county races and in statewide referenda.