April 16, 2014
Contact:  Raphaelle A. Silver

Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap Issues Alert to Maine Residents about Drivers-Licenses.Org

AUGUSTA - Numerous Maine residents have contacted the Secretary of State’s Office regarding the website,  Residents have used this website to attempt to renew their driver’s license online. After providing the website with personal information and being charged a fee, users receive information on how to renew their licenses but fail to receive a new license. This website is not associated with the Maine Secretary of State’s office or the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

The website correctly states that it is not a government agency, nor is it associated with any government agency.  However, the form of the website and the way the information is presented may create the impression that this is an official government website.

To renew your driver’s license online through the State of Maine’s Rapid Renewal, please enter directly into the address bar on your web browser and not into a search engine bar.

Please contact the Secretary of State’s office at (207) 626-8400 should you have any further questions or concerns.