September 18, 2014
CONTACT: Matt Dunlap
(207) 626-8400

Secretary of State Matt Dunlap Announces Availability of the Citizen’s Guide to the 2014 Maine Referendum Election

AUGUSTA, Maine—As state and local election officials prepare for the upcoming November general election, Secretary of State Matt Dunlap announced on Thursday the availability of an important informational resource for Maine voters—the 2014 Maine Citizen’s Guide to the Referendum Election.

Initially, the Citizen’s Guide is available online at . Printed copies will be sent to town offices and libraries for voters who lack internet connectivity.

The Citizens Guide provides detailed information about each question on the November ballot, said Dunlap. Voters can see the proposed legislation behind this years citizen-initiated question and state bond proposals, and detailed analysis of the intent and content of each question. The election law also allows for citizen advocacy statements to be published supporting or opposing questions, which also provides important information to voters.

Dunlap also reminded voters that they can request absentee ballots, which will be available for in-state absentee voters on October 3rd, immediately at the Secretary of State’s website at . Voters may also request absentee ballots in person, by calling their town clerk, or in writing.

This year’s General Election has much to offer on the referendum ballot, which will feature a Citizen Initiative and six bond proposals. In addition, there are contested races for Governor, U.S. Senate, both Congressional Districts, all seats in the state Legislature as well as county races for Sheriff, Judge of Probate, Registrar of Deeds, Register of Probate, County Commissioner and more. Many towns will also be conducting local elections as well in November.

The Citizens Guide is intended to provide as much information on these complex issues as possible so that voters have the opportunity to educate themselves on the issues. Maines voters are among the most actively engaged in the nation, and were pleased to be able to contribute to that, Dunlap said.