December 3, 2013
Contact: Peggy Schaffer

Maine Regulatory Fairness Board to join the Bangor Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Hot Stove League on December 7th, 2013

AUGUSTA – Members of Maine’s Regulatory Fairness Board will join the Bangor Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Hot Stove League Forum on  Saturday, December 7th from 8 a.m. to, at Eastern Maine Community College, Rangeley Hall, 354 Hogan Road, Bangor, ME.

The Bangor Regional Chamber of Commerce hosts this forum for Chamber members and the local, state and federal officials who represent them.  The upcoming session is a "preview" prior to the Legislature coming back into session for 2014; the Chamber will present a draft of their 2014 "Issues of Impact" white paper on public policy issues. Members of the Regulatory Fairness Board will be there to listen to the any regulatory issues small businesses are experiencing. 

During the last half hour of the meeting the Maine Regulatory Fairness Board will hold a public forum on regulatory and statutory issues that affect Maine small businesses. To effectively report to the Legislature and the Governor on regulatory conflicts, the Board elicits public comment from Maine business owners/managers and the public concerning:

  • Specific state rules and regulations that may unreasonably impede business sustainability and growth; and
  • Recommendations for regulatory and statutory change that may enhance Maine’s business climate.

The Board invites comments from small businesses that highlight regulations in need of scrutiny and amendment. Public participation is an essential element to achieving the Board’s objectives.

The Board is chaired by the Secretary of State and is comprised of four members who are or have been owners or operators of Maine businesses. It is staffed by Maine’s Small Business Advocate.