April 23, 2012
Contact: Megan Sanborn
(207) 441-0501

Governor Paul R. LePage and Secretary of State Charles E. Summers, Jr. Announce Signing Ceremony for LD 1912: "An Act To Encourage Responsible Teen Driving."

AUGUSTA, Maine – Governor Paul LePage and Secretary of State Charlie Summers have announced that Governor Paul LePage will sign LD 1912: “An Act To Encourage Responsible Teen Driving” on Tuesday, April 24, 2012 at 10:00 AM in the Cabinet Room.  The Bill was sponsored by Senator Bill Diamond after recommendations made to the Joint Standing Committee on Transportation by Secretary of State Charlie Summers. Co-sponsors include Representative Rich Cebra, Senator Ron Collins, Senator Barry Hobbins, Senate President Kevin Raye, Representative Emily Cain, Representative Ed Mazurek, Speaker of the House Robert Nutting, Representative Ann Peoples, and Representative Alex Willette.

?Today?s drivers have a variety of distractions that can take their eyes off the road,? said Governor LePage.??I applaud Secretary Summers for taking a proactive role to promote safe driving. We must emphasize the importance of safety and set examples for our teens while they?re behind the wheel. I support this bill with the hope it draws attention to safety and saves lives.?

LD 1912 was approved by the Legislative Council as an after deadline bill in response to the high number of teen fatalities occurring in Maine over the past four months. The bill increases the minimum fine for texting while driving from $100 to $250, increases fines and terms of license suspensions for violating conditions on a juvenile provisional license, and increases the amount of time a repeat offender would lose his or her license.

?I am thankful for the bipartisan support for these essential changes. The willingness to take immediate action on this important issue is a huge accomplishment as we head into the 2012 prom and graduation season, where young drivers traditionally experience 8 of the 10 deadliest days of the year,? said Secretary Summers.