June 5, 2012
Contact: Megan Sanborn
(207) 441-0501

Secretary of State Charles E. Summers, Jr. Unveils Driver License Display at the Lewiston Bureau of Motor Vehicles Office

The display features the progression of the Maine State Driver’s License by means of vintage credentials donated by a local resident.


Augusta – On Thursday, June 7 at 4:30 p.m. at the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) in Lewiston, Secretary of State Charlie Summers will unveil a photo timeline entitled, “License to Drive: A Timeline History of Driver’s Licenses in Maine Based on the Personal History Documents of One Man.”  The piece was created at the Maine State Archives and depicts the evolution of Maine’s Driver’s License over the course of one man’s life; thanks to a donation of vintage credentials made to the Department of the Secretary of State. 

Marcel Caron of Auburn, contacted the (BMV) regarding some very interesting documents he had come across.  His grandfather, the late David E. Caron of Lewiston, had kept virtually every driver’s license that had been issued to him during his lifetime.  Marcel Caron wanted to know if the State of Maine would like them back and if it was possible to use them for something special. “I want to thank the Secretary of State for this nice tribute to my grandfather and my family.  It is quite an honor,” said Mr. Caron.

Secretary Summers tasked the Maine State Archives with using these credentials to pull together a timeline showing the evolution of the Maine Driver’s License.  What they produced was an amazing piece that combines the history of our state credential with personal touches about David Caron and his use of the license system over the course of his life.

?This was an opportunity for my Department to review these credentials and get an overall picture of how our driver licenses have progressed through the years.?? Secretary Summers said, ?I am very pleased with what the Archives produced and I think that customers who visit the Lewiston BMV will find it fascinating.?

As of Thursday, June 7, 2012, “License to Drive: A Timeline History of Driver’s Licenses in Maine Based on the Personal History Documents of One Man” – will be on permanent display at the Lewiston BMV.