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Note: Not all state agencies are participating in the Maine.gov news system.

Latest Headlines

DHHS Releases Home Heating Funding to Help Lower Heating Costs
February 15, 2019 :: Human Services
Surgeon's Medical License Renewal Denied
February 14, 2019 :: Board of Licensure in Medicine
DHHS Commissioner Announces 5 Rural Maine Hospitals Receive Federal Support and Assistance
February 13, 2019 :: Human Services
For Immediate Release: Attorney General Frey Signs Multi-State Letter Supporting FTC Identity Theft Rules
February 11, 2019 :: Attorney General's Office
Maine CDC Warns of Misleading Flyer Regarding Vaccines
February 11, 2019 :: Human Services
Impending storm will delay network upgrades at Rockland BMV offices
February 11, 2019 :: Secretary of State
Maine DHHS Releases Child Welfare Evaluation and Business Process Re-design Report
February 8, 2019 :: Human Services
Insurance Bureau Helps Mainers Recover Nearly $1.6 Million From Insurance Companies in 2018
February 8, 2019 :: Professional & Financial Regulation - Insurance
For Immediate Release: Drug overdoses continue to claim Maine lives at an alarming rate
February 8, 2019 :: Attorney General's Office
Special election set to fill District 52 House seat
February 7, 2019 :: Secretary of State

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