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Note: Not all state agencies are participating in the Maine.gov news system.

Latest Headlines

Public Notice : Maine Library Commission to Discuss State Library Internet Safety Policy at May Meeting
April 16, 2021 :: Maine State Library
Town of Surry joins Rapid Renewal Service
April 16, 2021 :: Secretary of State
Maine To Place Order for 19th Week of COVID-19 Vaccines
April 15, 2021 :: Human Services
DACF Commissioner Amanda Beal Presents Maine Forest Ranger With Nation's Highest Award for Wildfire Prevention
April 13, 2021 :: Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry
Public comment period now open on wording of transmission line ballot question
April 13, 2021 :: Secretary of State
Update on Operations at the Mobile Vaccination Unit
April 13, 2021 :: Human Services
ADVISORY: Maine Advises Pause for Johnson and Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine
April 13, 2021 :: Human Services
Maine Tax Crime Prosecutions Continue Through COVID
April 9, 2021 :: Attorney General's Office
Maine To Place Order for 18th Week of COVID-19 Vaccines
April 8, 2021 :: Human Services
Report of the Attorney General on the Use of Deadly Force by Old Town Police Officer on November 29, 2018
April 7, 2021 :: Attorney General's Office

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