Physician Assistants License

Welcome to Maine. We are pleased you've chosen to apply for a license to practice medicine here.

Please watch this video before submitting an application.

Physician assistants (PAs) are licensed health care professionals who provide any medical service for which they have been prepared by education, training and experience, and are competent to perform.  Information regarding a physician assistant’s current licensure status can be found by searching for the physician assistant at the Find a Licensee - ALMS Online Services page of the Board's website.

IMPORTANT: If you are searching for a Physician Assistant whom you believe is currently licensed but cannot locate him/her on our search engine or you locate them and their status is ‘Withdrawn/Terminated by Licensee’, please also check the Board of Osteopathic Licensure website at and click ‘Find a Licensee in our Database’ as the Physician Assistant may be current with that Board.

Permanent License

Maine is now participating in the FSMB Uniform Application process. This means that there is now one place to apply for your Maine Physician Assistant License.

Please review the State of Maine Requirements for Physician Assistant Licensure (PDF) before you start the application. Click on the "Apply for licensure in one or more states" link in the picture below to begin your Uniform Application for licensure.

Important Notice

Before rendering any medical services in Maine, a PA must: possess an active license issued by the Board. PAs may be licensed by the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine, or the Maine Board of Osteopathic Licensure.

Physician Assistant Rule

Board rule Chapter 2 is a joint rule with the Board of Osteopathic Licensure and pertains to the licensure, registration, scope of practice, supervision, notification, and continuing education requirements for PAs who are supervised by either an allopathic or osteopathic physician. Any PA licensed and registered in Maine and rendering medical services under the supervision of a Maine-licensed physician must be familiar with these rules. A copy can be downloaded from the Board's website on the rules & statutes page.

Online Jurisprudence Exam

PAs applying for a license to render medical services in Maine must successfully complete an online jurisprudence examination pertaining to the Board's laws and rules. The Board has created an online study guide, which PAs are encouraged to download and review prior to taking the jurisprudence examination. The study guide is available on the Board's website here (PDF). The study guide and jurisprudence examination are available on the Board's website at: number=376. The exam must be taken every other renewal cycle (approximately 4 years).

Renewal Information

PA licenses must be renewed every two years.
PA registrations (for those PAs who are rendering medical services) must also be renewed every two years.
Licensees born in even-numbered years must renew their licenses by the last day of their birth month every even-numbered year.
Licensees born in odd-numbered years must renew their licenses by the last day of their birth month every odd-numbered year.

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The Fee Schedule is as follows:

Category Current Fee Effective
PA Initial License Application $300
PA Renewal - biennial $250
PA Reinstatement after License Lapse $400
PA Reinstatement after License Withdrawal $200
Late Fee $50