License Verification

Any person wishing to see the status of a physician's or physician assistant's license, or to see if a physician or physician assistant has been disciplined, may use the Board's ALMS Online Services.

Official, board-sealed verifications requested by private citizens for adoption purposes cost $15 each, with no charge for the second original of each verification by making a written request to the Board.

Maine-licensed Physician and Physician Assistant requests for verifications to be mailed to other state medical boards are available from at a cost of $37 each. This system is intended for use by physicians and physician assistants who practice in the United States and need to have verification of the status of their active and inactive medical licenses sent to another state medical board. The Board of Licensure in Medicine sends VeriDoc our database of licensees on a daily basis.

If a hospital, insurance company or other credentialer requests an official verification with the Board Seal, a written request must be made to the Board and a $37 fee will be charged for each request.

Please send these requests, with payment to:
State of Maine
Board of Licensure in Medicine
137 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0137

If you have any questions please contact the Board at (207) 287-3601.

Primary Source Verification

The Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine ("board") asks that those who need verification of an MD or PA license use ALMS Online Services to obtain that information whenever possible.

The board attests to the accuracy and timeliness of the data it provides. The data is transmitted in real time from the board's ALMS database and is secure.

Also, the board utilizes the Federation Credentials Verification Service (FCVS) as an agent and partner in licensing physicians in Maine. Physicians initially licensed in Maine after February 10, 1999 have had their medical education, post-graduate training and examination history primary source verified by FCVS. Prior to February 10, 1999, the board itself primary source verified the medical education, post-graduate training and examination history. Therefore, the use of this, the board's website, for documentation of primary source verification of education and training meets current NCQA guidelines.

This statement, affirming that primary source verification of medical education, post-graduate training and examination history has been performed as part of the licensure process, should be printed out and retained in your files.