File a Complaint

File a Complaint Against a Licensee

You must file your complaint in writing.

  • You may submit an Online complaint against a licensed MD or PA.  You can check licensure status at our Licensee Search Page
  • You may write a letter to the Board which states your complaint. You may call or write the Board to receive complaint forms and instructions. You may print the complaint form package (PDF).

Please watch the video below for information on what types of complaints the Board can investigate.

Please watch the video below for an overview of the investigative process.


Receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged by Board staff. Your complaint will be reviewed to determine that it is a complaint over which the Board has jurisdiction. The complaint will be investigated, which will include obtaining a written response from the licensee. When the investigation is complete, the complaint file will be reviewed by the Board. Since at this stage the Board review process deals only with written documents, it is very important for your complaint to contain all the facts, as well as all your concerns. At the time of its first review, the Board may dismiss the complaint, request further investigation or order either an Informal Conference or an Adjudicatory Hearing. As a complainant, you would be able to attend the Informal Conference and/or the Adjudicatory Hearing.

For additional questions please contact the Board at its general number (207) 287-3601 or contact our Consumer Assistant directly at (888) 365-9964.