Re-Employment Services and Eligibility & Assessment (RESEA) Program

The Re-Employment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA) program provides Unemployment Insurance (UI) claimants who qualify with opportunities such as one-on-one coaching and relevant services to help you on your reemployment journey.

RESEA is run by the Maine Dept. of Labor’s Bureau of Unemployment Compensation (BUC) and Bureau of Employment Services (BES), with the objective that claimants:

  • Are unemployed for shorter amounts of time
  • Experience lower rates of exhaustion of UI benefits during their job search
  • Achieve a higher reemployment rate than those who did not receive these services

We have scheduled time for you to meet with a skilled CareerCenter staff member for your RESEA appointment. They will work with you to help you get back to work faster, help you navigate reemployment and create a plan to successfully get back to work
What will be covered in my RESEA appointment?
During your appointment you can expect:

  • Help in structuring a job search
  • Assistance in completing your Individual Reemployment Plan (IRP)
  • Walkthrough of labor market report
  • Receiving a targeted list of referrals to resources that can best help you get back to work
  • Guidance in completing your Maine JobLink profile and using the site’s resources and tools

You will receive information about RESEA and your appointment through both an email and physical mailed letter.

After receiving notification that you have an RESEA appointment, you can schedule the appointment by following this guide:

Your participation in the RESEA is required for you to continue receiving unemployment benefits. Failure to attend the scheduled appointment may result in a denial of unemployment benefits and a possible overpayment until you attend the required session.

If you are unable to attend your appointment due to having a job interview, training, work, jury duty, being sick, etc., please refer to the RESEA email or letter you received for additional information on how to reschedule. 

Services will be delivered through one-on-one appointments held virtually. 
Some of the other services provided:

  • Advice and referrals tailored to you based on your specific needs and timeframes
  • Assessments that match skills with most relevant jobs
  • Counseling in career decision-making and higher learning
  • Information on where to access job hunt related computer skills, such as typing, word processing, and computer boot camp
  • Referral to support services, career counseling, or training as well as other programs offered by CareerCenters and partners (e.g. libraries, universities, adult education programs)
  • Common applications and eligibility determinations for Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act and other programs
  • Information about Maine Labor Laws
  • Information regarding Unemployment Insurance (UI) Benefits law and requirements
  • Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Review (work search logs and questionnaires) with results forwarded to the Bureau of Unemployment Compensation

Maine CareerCenters are equal opportunity providers. Auxiliary aids and services are available to individuals with disabilities upon request.  Please contact the CareerCenter by phone at 207-623-7981 to request assistance. TTY users call Maine Relay 711.

Your RESEA appointment does qualify as an approved Work Search activity and can be used as a part of your unemployment benefits Work Search requirements.