Substance Abuse Testing Report

The Maine Substance Abuse Testing Law requires the Maine Department of Labor (MDOL) to report to the legislature on activities under the Maine law. The Substance Abuse Testing Report does not reflect activities under Federally mandated testing programs. Therefore, it should not be taken as a comprehensive study of workplace substance abuse testing.  The publication listscompanies with approved policies, laboratories approved to do testing, certified employee assistance programs and the results of the tests performed.

The Maine Substance Abuse Testing Law, Title 26 MRSA, Section 680 et seq, controls employer drug testing that is not performed in response to federal mandates. Any company that wants to have a substance abuse testing program (but is not required to under federal law) must submit a policy to the Bureau of Labor Standards for review and approval. BLS can supply employers with a Model Substance Abuse Testing Policy to assist in developing an acceptable policy.

Maine Employer Drug Testing Survey

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