Maine Climate Council Energy Working Group

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Meeting Type: Virtual Only

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The Energy Working Group (EWG) is one of six working groups of the Maine Climate Council (MCC) responsible for developing, evaluating, and recommending strategies for the MCC to consider in the update of Maine Won’t Wait by December 2024.

At the group’s third meeting, the EWG will discuss draft priority topics for the updated plan and identify key inputs needed to have productive conversations on each. Guest presenters will provide information on regional resource adequacy and energy planning, and Maine energy costs trends. 

Contact name: Caroline Colan

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Meeting Materials: EWG Meeting 1.10.24_Participants Agenda.pdf (124.78 KB) 2024 WG Deliverable Template - Energy.pdf (297.78 KB) Proposed EWG Planning_2024.pdf (186.55 KB)

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