Coastal and Marine Working Group--Working Waterfront/Infrastructure Subgroup

Date: , -

Meeting Type: Virtual Only

Meeting Agenda:

  • Welcome, Introductions, Context
  • Review Maine Wont Wait Strategy Alignment for Working Waterfronts

  • Deep dive into land use ordinances, shoreland zoning, related matters

  • Discuss meeting schedule moving forward


To request interpretation services (American Sign Language) or spoken language interpretation services (Somali, Arabic, French, Spanish, Chinese-Mandarin, Khmer, Russian, Vietnamese, Portuguese) for this meeting, or to request other accommodations, please email

Contact name: Jesica Waller

Contact email:

Meeting Materials: 2023.12.12 CMWG Working Waterfront Subgroup Meeting Agenda.pdf (80.78 KB) 2023.12.12 CMWG Working Waterfront Subgroup Meeting Notes.pdf (155.03 KB)

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