Anti-Hunger Maine 2030

The Governor’s Office of Policy Innovation and the Future convened the first meeting of the EH2030 Advisory Committee to begin implementation of Maine’s Roadmap to End Hunger by 2030 on June 22, 2023.

Maine’s Roadmap to End Hunger by 2030 (#EH2030) was born out of the 129th Legislature’s LD 1159, authored by then-Rep. Craig Hickman and signed by Governor Mills. The Roadmap results from over two years of collaborative work by and contributions from hundreds of individuals from both inside and outside of State government. With five goals and twenty cross-cutting strategies the Roadmap aims at the root causes of hunger and food insecurity.

The EH2030 Advisory Committee consists of forty, permanent members representing diverse aspects of Maine’s anti-hunger space and includes cabinet agency officials and staff, leadership from Maine’s emergency food network, anti-hunger and immigrant rights advocates, Maine’s food security and agricultural community, education, healthcare, housing, workforce, and economic development experts, and advocates for Maine children, older adults, and LGBTQ+ communities. Importantly, the Advisory Committee also includes and is informed by impacted Mainers with lived and living experience with hunger and poverty.



  • Adriane Ackroyd, MPH, RD, Maine DOE
  • Maureen Bean, Burlington Food Pantry
  • Sass Borodkin, Resources for Organizing & Social Change
  • Laura Boyett, Bureau of Unemployment Compensation
  • Sydney Brown, USM Data Innovation Project
  • Katie Brown, Youth Full Maine
  • Rich Cantz, Goodwill of Northern New England
  • Alex Carter, Maine Equal Justice
  • Mufalo Chitam, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition
  • Winona Christonot-Peters, Maine TransNet
  • Patty Dushuttle, DHHS-OFI
  • Dana Eidsness, Governor's Office of Policy Innovation and the Future
  • Andrew Eppich, Maine DHHS Commissioner's Office
  • Karlee Foss, Community Advocate-Resources for Organizing & Social Change
  • Jim Hanna, Cumberland County Food Security Council
  • Justus Hillebrand, United Way-- Food Hub Coordinator of the Tri-Valley Area
  • Anna Korsen, Full Plates Full Potential
  • Craig Lapine, DACF
  • Clarise Lima, Asylum Community Advocate
  • Lucia Lombardi, Community Advocate-Resources for Organizing & Social Change
  • Amanda Marino, Good Shepherd Food Bank
  • Liz Marsh, Bangor Housing
  • Christine Martin, Avesta Housing
  • Charley Martin-Berry, Community Caring Collaborative
  • Jessica Maurer, Maine Council on Aging
  • Jane McLucas, Maine DOE--Child Nutrition
  • James Moorhead, DHHS-OADS
  • Belinda Ndelela Vemba, Asylum Community Advocate and Volunteer/MEJ, Family Promise, Portland Empowered
  • Renee Page, Healthy Communities of the Capital Area
  • Elizeth Pedro, Asylum Community Advocate
  • Heather Pelletier, Fish River Rural Health
  • Amy Regan Gallant, Good Shepherd Food Bank
  • Ginger Roberts-Scott, Maine CDC (WIC)
  • Kathryn Sargent, The Locker Project
  • Madeleine Saucier, Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition
  • Lisa Sockabasin, Wabanaki Public Health and Wellness
  • Julia Trujillo Luengo, Maine DECD
  • Dawud Ummah, Ummah Farms
  • Natalie Varrallo, Preble Street Food Security Hub
  • Sett Vincent, Resources for Organizing & Social Change
  • Emily Walters, Maine Health-- Let's Go!
  • Donna Yellen, Preble Street