Maine Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor’s Program

Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutors (TSRPs) coordinate an inter-agency, multidisciplinary approach to the investigation and prosecution of impaired driving and other traffic crimes. They do so by providing training, education, and technical support to prosecutors and law enforcement personnel throughout their states and encouraging positive information-sharing relationships and interagency cooperation to increase the effectiveness of traffic safety crime investigation and prosecution throughout Maine.

The TSRP program is funded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and coordinated through the cooperative efforts of The National Traffic Law Center and the National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators. Currently, there are TSRPs in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. 

The Maine Bureau of Highway Safety provides the guidance and funding for Maine’s TSRP positions. Maine’s program is administered by Dirigo Safety, LLC, a contractor for the Maine Bureau of Highway Safety.   

Scot Mattox
Senior Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
(207) 200-1112 Ext. 9

Joshua Saucier
Assistant Traffic Safety Resource Prosecutor
(207) 200-1112 Ext. 6

TSRP Services Available for Maine Traffic Safety Partners

  1. Assistance as requested with investigations and prosecutions on anything in 29-A M.R.S especially:
    1. Impaired (alcohol, cannabis, and other drugs) driving crimes including fatal crashes.
    2. Traffic safety crime conflict cases.
    3. Traffic safety cases with novel issues.
    4. Novel issue appeals (i.e., not just sufficiency of evidence etc.).
  2. Fatal Crash review and charging decision discussion.
  3. Assist with resources – research, expert witness review, case issue analysis.
  4. Provide technical and specialty knowledge regarding police procedures, training, etc.
  5. Training on any highway safety issue desired.
  6. Liaison between law enforcement agencies and prosecutors on traffic-related criminal investigations.
  7. Email and phone consultations.

Traffic Safety Partners Include:

National Traffic Safety Partners:

  • Other State TSRPs, LELs, JOLs, law enforcement and prosecutors
  • The National Traffic Law Center
  • The National Association of Prosecutor Coordinators
  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • American Bar Association

Maine Traffic Safety Partners:

  • Bureau of Highway Safety (MeBHS)
    • Including any outside agency requested at the direction of the Maine BHS.
  • Criminal Justice Academy (MCJA)
  • All Law Enforcement Agencies
  • The Prosecutor’s Association
  • Bureau of Motor Vehicle Hearings Examiners
  • Health and Environmental Testing Lab
  • Chiefs of Police Association
  • Sheriff’s Association
  • State Legislators as designated by the MeBHS
Resource Materials

Maine OUI Guide Final (PDF) - 2023 Update

Training Documentations

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