Maine Department of Public Safety Relevant Statutes


Commissioner's Office: 25 MRS 2901 et. seq.

Maine State Police: 25 MRS 1501 et. seq.

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency: 25 MRS 2951 et. seq.

Bureau of Highway Safety: 25 MRS 2902 et. seq.

Bureau of Capitol Police: 25 MRS 2908 et. seq.

Bureau of Consolidated Emergency Communications: 25 MRS 1533 et. seq.

Building and Technical Codes Bureau: 10 MRS 9721 et. seq.

State Fire Marshal's Office: 25 MRS 2396 et. seq.

Gambling Control Unit: 8 MRS 1002 et. seq.

Maine Criminal Justice Academy: 25 MRS 2801 et. seq.

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services: 32 MRS 81 et. seq.

Related Activities

Criminal History Records Information Act: 16 MRS 701 et. seq.

Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act: 34-A MRS 11201 et. seq.

Automatic License Plate Reader Committee: 29-A MRS 2117-A et. seq.

Maine Commission on Domestic and Sexual Abuse: 19-A MRS 4013 et. seq.

Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act: 22 MRS 2421 et. seq.

Restoration of Firearms Rights to Prohibited Persons: 15 MRS 393 et. seq.

Freedom of Access Act: 1 MRS 401 et. seq.

Right to Know Advisory Committee: 1 MRS 411 et. seq.

Confidentiality of Juvenile Criminal Records Act: 15 MRS 3308 et. seq.

Maine Fire Protection Services Commission: 5 MRS 3371 et. seq.

Confidentiality of Personnel Records: 30-A MRS 2702 et. seq.

Interstate Police Assistance Act: 30-A MRS 2676 et. seq.

Maine Department of Public Safety Policies

Audit Compliance by Sub-recipients (PDF)

Chapter 110 - Rules for The Purchase of Services and Awards

Chapter 120 - Rules for Appeal of Contract and Grant Awards

Civil Rights and EEOP Compliance

Civil Rights Compliance for Subgrantees (PDF)

DHHS Language Access Policy (PDF)

DOJ Retention and Access Requirements for Records (PDF)

An Order Regarding Domestic Violence Awareness and Workplace Policies Within Departments of State Government 

DPS Confidentiality Policy (PDF)

Policy DPS 120 DPS Policy Regarding the Impact of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault in the Workplace (PDF)

DPS Domestic Violence in the Workplace Online Training

DPS Grant Management Flags and Risk Factors (PDF)

DPS Harassment Policy (PDF)

DPS Policy 23 Responding to Discrimination Complaints from Employees and Applicants of the Maine DPS Sub Recipients (PDF)

DPS Policy 111 Regarding the use of Mobile Electronic Communicatin Devices When Operating State-Owned Vehicles (PDF)

DPS Procedures for Responding to Discrimination Complaints from Employees and Applicants of the Maine Department of Public Safety's Sub recipients (PDF)

DPS Telework Policy (PDF)

Equal Employment Opportunity Plan (EEOP) Utilization Report (PDF)

Grant Management Signature Policy (PDF)

Grant Program Administrator - Responsibilities (PDF)

Impact of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault on the Workplace (PDF)

Prohibition on the Use and Possession of Medicinal and Recreational Marijuana (PDF)


Division of Purchases Procurement Policies and Rules (PDF)

Text Messaging while Operating a Motor Vehicle (PDF)