Commissioner's Office: 25 MRS 2901 et. seq.

Maine State Police: 25 MRS 1501 et. seq.

Maine Drug Enforcement Agency: 25 MRS 2951 et. seq.

Bureau of Highway Safety: 25 MRS 2902 et. seq.

Bureau of Capitol Police: 25 MRS 2908 et. seq.

Bureau of Consolidated Emergency Communications: 25 MRS 1533 et. seq.

Building and Technical Codes Bureau: 10 MRS 9721 et. seq.

State Fire Marshal's Office: 25 MRS 2396 et. seq.

Gambling Control Unit: 8 MRS 1002 et. seq.

Maine Criminal Justice Academy: 25 MRS 2801 et. seq.

Bureau of Emergency Medical Services: 32 MRS 81 et. seq.

Related Activities

Criminal History Records Information Act: 16 MRS 701 et. seq.

Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act: 34-A MRS 11201 et. seq.

Automatic License Plate Reader Committee: 29-A MRS 2117-A et. seq.

Maine Commission on Domestic and Sexual Abuse: 19-A MRS 4013 et. seq.

Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Act: 22 MRS 2421 et. seq.

Restoration of Firearms Rights to Prohibited Persons: 15 MRS 393 et. seq.

Freedom of Access Act: 1 MRS 401 et. seq.

Right to Know Advisory Committee: 1 MRS 411 et. seq.

Confidentiality of Juvenile Criminal Records Act: 15 MRS 3308 et. seq.

Maine Fire Protection Services Commission: 5 MRS 3371 et. seq.

Confidentiality of Personnel Records: 30-A MRS 2702 et. seq.

Interstate Police Assistance Act: 30-A MRS 2676 et. seq.