Year End Report of Private Schools (EF-M-240) Excel Spreadsheet Instructions

This version of the EF-M-240 Excel Spreadsheet is designed to save time for you by providing data calculation.  This spreadsheet is in Microsoft Excel and is available from the Department of Education web site:

The workbook is password protected; if you attempt to enter data into a locked cell and receive an error message, the data does not belong there.  Please check your work and determine the appropriate cell for entry of the data.

Please follow these instructions when submitting this form via e-mail:

On the Cover Page, type the following:

  • Cell "D9" type in the name of your School.  This will place the name of your unit on each page.

  • Cells “D10 and D11 ” – type your School mailing address.

  • Cell “D12” – type the name of the Director / Principal.

  • Cell “D13” – type the name of the individual completing the report.

  • Cell “D14” – the email address of the individual completing the report

  • Cell “J12” – the phone number of your business office

  • Cell “J13” – the fax number of your business office

If you perform calculations in the individual cells, round the results to two decimal places.           

[Example: =ROUND (Your Formula, 2)].

Scan and email a signed copy of the Cover Page to the email below, or mail a hard copy to the Department of Education’s School Finance & Operations Team at the address indicated on the Cover Page.

Please attach the completed and signed spreadsheet and send by email