The Maine Department of Education offers research-based curriculum practices and targeted professional development opportunities that are developed by staff specialists in all content areas as well as Early Childhood Education, Special Education, and education for English Learners. 

With valuable input from Maine educators state-wide, the Department coordinates the authoring of Maine’s Learning Standards to guide schools as they develop local curriculum that provides students with engaging learning experiences. These curricula can help develop aspirational mindsets, encourage students to have a personal investment in their own learning, and provide real-world contexts that help them gain career and life skills. 

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Adult Education

Maine Adult Education is a public education and career pathways system that enables adults to be prepared for post-secondary education and/or employment. Over 70 adult education programs throughout Maine provide a range of instructional services to help adults develop the skills.

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Using Maine Education Assessment student results and other state, federal, and local data, it is determined what and where supports are needed within schools around the state. 


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Career & Technical Education

Career and Technical Education (CTE) provides Maine students with the opportunity for relevant and challenging applied learning to enhance their occupational, personal, and academic success while preparing them to meet the needs of the Maine workforce.

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Content Standards

State educational standards for Early Learning (Maine Early Learning and Development Standards, MELDS) and for grades PK-12 (Maine Learning Results, MLRs). Our goal is to provide all the necessary information on these standards, the review and revision process for the MLRs, and content-specific information & resources for each topic area contained within the MELDS and the MLRs.

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    Diploma Pathways

    Secondary schools must provide a comprehensive program of study that includes instruction for all students in career and education development, English language arts, health education and physical education, mathematics, science, social studies, visual and performing arts, and world languages.


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    Early Learning

    The early learning team collaborates with all stakeholders to promote the well-being of the whole child to support children's learning opportunities from birth to age 5





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    ESEA Federal Programs

    The Maine Department of Education (DOE) is responsible for the oversight and monitoring of programs and activities carried out under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA), as amended by Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).

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    Interdisciplinary Instruction

    The Interdisciplinary Instruction team's vision is to create a future where changemakers are equipped with the dispositions, conceptual understandings, skills, and knowledge necessary to tackle global challenges through interdisciplinary instruction. 

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    Maine's Model of Support
    Maine's Model of School Support

    Maine’s Model of School Support is an accountability system that measures the progress of Maine’s public schools to inform schools, the state, and the federal government on how Maine schools are performing, and determine where additional support is needed throughout Maine to help improve student achievement.

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    Multilingual Learners
    Multilingual Learners

    Multilingual learners are students with a primary or home language other than English who are in the process of acquiring English. The Maine Department of Education supports schools with resources, guidance, and professional learning regarding strategies for teaching and assessment, educational equity, state and federal policies, and many other related topics.

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      Special Education & Inclusion

      Inclusive education is dedicated to improving results for students with disabilities by providing leadership, support and oversight to local education agencies. The work is accomplished through collaboration with families, school districts, public and private agencies, and other programs.


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      Technology & Learning

      Equitable access to the technology and skill development needed to create and problem-solve with it are critical as we work to ensure students are prepared for the 21st Century. The Department supports both the acquisition of technology and the professional learning related to its use for effective teaching and learning. 

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