Maine CDC Rulemaking

All DHHS rules posted on or after January 5, 2023 are available on the DHHS Rulemaking page.

The Maine CDC performs rulemaking to implement or update policies and regulations regarding programs administered by the agency. A guide to rulemaking is found on the Secretary of State's website. Please note, there may be a delay before adopted rules appear on the Secretary of State's website. Therefore, adopted rules will appear here until they are posted on the Secretary of State's website.

Proposed Rules - Proposed rules are rules that an agency has formally proposed for adoption in accordance with the Maine Administrative Procedure Act. Proposed rules may be new regulations or amend existing agency rules. There is a period of time that the proposed rule is open for public comment.

Recently Adopted Rules - Adopted rules replace former rules on the date they take effect. Adopted rules are promulgated at the conclusion of the rulemaking process established by the Maine Administrative Procedure Act. A summary of comments and the Department's responses will be available when the agency rule is adopted.

Emergency Rules - Emergency rules are subject to the filing requirement of 5 MRSA § 8056, may be effective for 90 days or less and must include a statement of findings of the adopting agency describing the emergency. These findings are subject to judicial review to insure that this exception to the APA is used only for actual emergencies (5 MRSA § 8054 § 2).

CDC Rules - The Maine CDC lists the agency rules grouped by topics considering the subject matter. Interested parties may request to receive notification of agency rulemaking by topic.