Comprehensive Cancer Control

Chronic Disease Self Management Supports

Chronic disease is a term used to describe a health condition that requires lifelong management and care. Examples of chronic diseases include cancer, asthma, heart disease, and diabetes.

Maine has high rates of chronic diseases, however the state is taking steps to reverse these trends. Partnering with the Healthy Maine Partnerships to introduce an approach that actively includes a person with chronic disease in his or her own treatment and management is one of these steps.

Chronic disease self management is critical to improving the health and quality of life of those with chronic conditions. Chronic Disease Self Management Supports offer a valuable tool for both health care providers and patients in the management of chronic conditions. The Healthy Maine Partnerships are currently working to inventory the supports available in each community. This inventory will provide each community with a better understanding of what is available and what supports are still needed. When this project is complete, a detailed listing of these supports for each Maine community will be available by calling 211.

Types of Chronic Disease Self Management Supports:

  • Access – Resources that help with ways patients receive treatment and health information. These supports might include assistance with transportation, translation services, literacy, and access to resource libraries.
  • Support groups – Groups that provide emotional and social support to patients, families and caregivers. Support groups link patients to other patients with similar conditions, as well as link patients to other resources.
  • Community Programs – Structured, formal activities that help people manage their chronic conditions.
  • Outreach - Supports or resources that help people manage their chronic disease by bringing services or information to where they live or spend time.
  • Provider Community Connection – Health care providers or system that provide connections to services or information that will help patients actively self manage their chronic conditions.
  • Resources/Supports for Health Care System – Community resources and supports for health care providers and the health care system to assist community members in actively self-managing their chronic conditions.