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The Maine Comprehensive Cancer Control Program is committed to reducing the burden of cancer in Maine by promoting healthy behaviors, improving access to preventive and therapeutic cancer care, reducing cancer disparities, and fostering statewide partnerships that enable a synergistic approach to reducing the physical, emotional and economic impact of cancer in Maine.

What is Cancer?

The term “cancer” describes a group of diseases characterized by the unneeded growth and multiplication of abnormal, or damaged, cells.

Every cell in a person’s body has its own lifecycle. Each cell will grow, divide, and die when it becomes old or damaged. These cells are then replaced with new cells and the cycle continues. This is the body’s way of keeping itself healthy. However, sometimes a cell becomes so damaged that it does not die when it should, and this controlled pattern is broken. These damaged cells continue to grow and multiply at their own rate even though the body does not need them. This is how a tumor is formed. Not all tumors are harmful, but some tumors can spread to nearby tissues and even other organs. These tumors are known as malignant, or cancerous, tumors.

For more information on cancer, specific types of cancer, cancer causes, and cancer treatments, visit the National Cancer Institute External site disclaimer.

What is Comprehensive Cancer Control?

Comprehensive cancer control is an integrated and coordinated approach to reduce the incidence, morbidity, and mortality of cancer through prevention, early detection, treatment, rehabilitation, survivorship, and palliation.

The Maine Comprehensive Cancer Control Program is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The program provides leadership for, and coordination of, Maine's statewide comprehensive cancer control efforts and is guided by the goals and objectives outlined by the Maine Cancer Plan.


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Updated February 27, 2018