Maine CDC Health Advisory

March 6, 2023

U.S. CDC: Measles Exposure at a Large Gathering in Kentucky (February 2023) and Global Measles Outbreaks

Please review this information regarding a large group event in Kentucky last month leading to measles cases across the country. Measles is a reportable condition: cases should be reported immediately to Maine CDC at 800-821-5821 on recognition or strong suspicion of disease. Labs should submit isolates and clinical specimens to Maine CDC for confirmation. Antibody and PCR testing can be performed at some commercial laboratories. PCR testing can be performed at Maine's Health and Environmental Testing Laboratory (HETL). If a commercial laboratory is used, Maine CDC may request that clinical specimens be sent to HETL for confirmational testing.

Maines MMR vaccination coverage is higher than the national average (96.7% of kindergarteners have 2+ doses compared to 93.6% nationally). Unvaccinated individuals, especially children under 5 years old, pregnant people, and individuals with compromised immune systems are more likely to suffer from measles complications.

Advisory (PDF)