Wind Turbines

As Maine and the nation explore energy alternatives to imported oil we are faced with a number of questions concerning the consequences of implementing these alternatives.

In recent months, several government agencies have conducted reviews of the science on wind turbine noise and health, including Oregon External site disclaimer (pdf*), Massachusetts External site disclaimer, and Vermont (pdf*).

Based on its review of these studies, the Maine CDC concludes that there is no evidence that sound from wind generating facilities that are in compliance with Maine's regulations directly cause health problems. There is some evidence that nighttime wind turbine noise can cause sleep disturbance. Generally, sleep disturbance can adversely affect mood, cognitive functioning, and one's overall sense of health and well-being. For more information, see the Health Effects from Wind Turbines Report (Microsoft Word)*, (Adobe PDF)*

Maine's noise regulations are within or comparable with the World Health Organization's recommendations for noise.

For more information

See October, 2009 Analysis of Wind Turbines and Health Issues (pdf*) from the Wisconsin Public Service Commision.