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Maine Laboratory Accreditation

In Maine, laboratory accreditation is required by several regulatory programs including drinking water, waste water and diesel residual organics/gasoline residual organics. Laboratories are accredited by test (examples: Arsenic, Bacteria, Radon), so it is necessary to check with a laboratory to find out exactly what they are accredited to test for. The tests which laboratories are able to do can change regularly. You may confirm what tests are done by a laboratory or ask any other questions regarding laboratory quality by calling (207) 287-1929 or by emailing the accreditation officer at

For questions concerning Marijuana Testing Facilities please contact Diana McKenzie at (207)287-4758.

Maine Accreditation Commercial Laboratories (PDF) Maine Accreditation Commercial Laboratories (doc)

Laboratories Accredited by Maine for Asbestos, Diquat, Endothall, and/or Radium (PDF)

All Accredited Laboratories in Maine (xlsx)

All Accredited Laboratories (xlsx)


Application for Initial Laboratory Accreditation (docx)

Application for Renewal Laboratory Accreditation (docx)

Application for Revision Laboratory Accreditation (docx)

Method Analyte Table for Application (xls)

Laboratory Accreditation Rules (PDF)

EPA Analyte Codes for Drinking Water Contaminants (PDF)