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Public Water System Security Response Protocols

Security Measures

  • Encourage your local law enforcement agency to visit your facility to become familiar with it and to increase or modify their surveillance activities.
  • Perform regular inspections of your facility to assess security status. Document date, time and conditions found. Conduct inspections at random times and days, so an identifiable schedule cannot be determined by someone with adverse intent.
  • Develop or update emergency response plans.

Security Procedures: Suspicious activity identified

  • Unusual vehicular traffic, telephone threats, and apparent surveillance activities at or near the facility:
    • Document date, time, vehicle description, license plate number, and number of occupants.
    • Summarize observed facts and report to law enforcement agency. Keep record for file.
    • Telephone threat: make note of voices, tones, background, accents and any emotional perceptions.
    • Call local authorities and the Maine Drinking Water Program (DWP): 287-2070 weekdays or 557-4214 weekends, nights and holidays.
  • Unauthorized Entry to Facility:
    • Affected portion of the system should be isolated when practical.
    • Preserve the crime scene, minimize activities in the area, and protect responders.
    • Call 911 or local law enforcement, require local office to communicate concerns to superior and Maine State Police (MSP) that reported incident may be more than vandalism. MSP has a statewide intelligence collection system to determine if others are targets.
    • Call the DWP: 287-2070 weekdays or 557-4214 weekends, nights and holidays.
  • Unauthorized Access to Water Confirmed:
    • Affected portions of the water system should be shut down or isolated when practical.
    • Call 911 or local law enforcement, preserve crime scene, protect responders.
    • Call DWP: 287-2070 weekdays and 557-4214 weekends, nights, and holidays.
      • DWP will contact MSP at 1 800-452-4664. MSP advises Maine Emergency Management Agency and if necessary will activate the 11th Civil Support Team for evaluation and potential testing.
    • Issue Do Not Drink orders when the risk to public health is suspected.
    • Consult with the DWP before resuming normal service.

Updated 12/6/2022