Support for Isolation and Quarantine

Support is available to ensure that people affected by COVID-19 can safely isolate and quarantine. This community-based care provides temporary help with:

  • food;
  • shelter and assistance to stay in the home;
  • income and rent support through existing programs;
  • cultural brokering and interpretation;
  • psychosocial support;
  • personal protective equipment (masks and thermometers);
  • transportation services for medical needs;
  • outreach and education services about COVID-19; and,
  • other necessities.

Anyone suspected by a health care provider to have been exposed to the virus, those with a probable or confirmed COVID-19 infection, or those determined by Maine CDC to be a close-contact of a case may be referred for COVID-19 community care support. If Maine CDC identified you as a case or a close-contact, case investigation or contact tracing staff can assist you with a referral. Maine DHHS also takes referrals for this support from community organizations, clinical care providers, social support agencies, and school nurses.

Referrals for community care support for isolation and quarantine may be made through a simple form. Maine DHHS typically provides a response the same day, if Maine DHHS receives the referral before 6 p.m.