Maine DHHS releases updated data on MaineCare eligibility reviews

October 5, 2023

Today, the Maine Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) released updated data on the resumption of MaineCare eligibility reviews after the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency, known as “unwinding.”  “MaineCare” is the name of the state’s Medicaid program. This update with August 2023 data is available on the MaineCare Renewals Data Dashboard.

The dashboard update covers the first four months of redeterminations, after the return to normal operations following the end of the Public Health Emergency. This data offers a snapshot in time of the redetermination process for MaineCare members who were due for renewal in May through August of this year. Note that data corrections and updates occur on a monthly basis, with the most recent month’s data reflecting the most accurate information at that point in time.

Maine began its passive renewal process (also called “ex parte”) in August, as planned. This process allows the Department to check other data sources to determine a member’s eligibility and, if they are found to be eligible, automatically renew their MaineCare coverage without requiring the member to manually complete and return a renewal form. If an attempt to renew a MaineCare member through the ex parte process is not successful, the normal outreach process begins, with DHHS sending members renewal materials and asking them to respond.  

As it further improves its ex parte system, DHHS continues to suspend disenrolling members for the “procedural” reason of not returning their renewal form to prevent individuals and families from losing coverage unnecessarily. This is a temporary pause that could end soon, so it remains important for MaineCare members to update their contact information and return their renewal form for MaineCare eligibility as soon as possible.

The Department’s efforts have resulted in over 53,000 MaineCare members being successfully renewed and retaining their MaineCare coverage over this four-month period, including over 7,500 who were renewed through the ex parte renewal process for the first time in August 2023.

The Department is educating members who are found to be no longer eligible for MaineCare on health plan options through, Maine’s Health Insurance Marketplace. In August, sent a series of informational mailers to more than 2,000 consumers whose MaineCare coverage ended and were transferred to the Marketplace. also made over 1,600 outbound calls in August to consumers who lost MaineCare coverage encouraging them to explore their options on

MaineCare members who have not yet gone through the eligibility review process should take two important steps to stay covered:

  1. Update their current contact information with MaineCare, including address, email and phone number. Members can call 1-855-797-4357 and press option 1 to update contact information through an automated system, or visit Stay Connected to Stay Covered!
  2. Be on the lookout for an envelope with a blue block on it, which contains the MaineCare renewal notice: If it’s blue, it’s time to renew! Members who signed up for e-noticing on My Maine Connection will receive their notice electronically and will not receive the envelope. Whether a member receives their renewal form by mail or e-notice, they will need to complete and return it by the deadline.  Members who are determined to be eligible through the passive renewal process will receive a notice that their coverage has been renewed for 12 months and will not be required to fill out a renewal form.

MaineCare is unlike other health insurance in that anyone who needs it can apply at any time, without waiting for an open enrollment period or qualifying life event.