Public Comments Sought on Strategies Proposed by Maine Climate Council's Natural and Working Lands Working Group

May 1, 2020

For more information contact: Tom Gordon at

AUGUSTA - The Natural and Working Lands Working Group, one of six Working Groups responsible for developing and recommending mitigation and adaptation actions to the Maine Climate Council, is seeking public comments on its draft strategies. The Group is evaluating and recommending short- and long-term mitigation strategies to reduce gross and net annual greenhouse gas emissions from Maine's natural and working lands sectors, as well as evaluate and recommend short- and long-term strategies and actions for adaptation and resilience to climate change. The public comment period continues through Wednesday, May 13, 2020.

Public comments play an essential role in finalizing strategies. Anyone interested in submitting comments should consider these questions:

  1. Which strategies seem particularly promising to you?.
  2. What is missing?.
  3. Do any of these strategies concern you, and if so, why?

Public comments are to be emailed to Tom Gordon, DACF staff for the Natural & Working Lands Work Group, at

The Natural and Working Lands Working Group draft strategies are found on pages 8 to 12, NWL Working Group's strategies.