Project Canopy, a program of the Maine Forest Service, offers tips for managing storm-damaged trees

October 22, 2019

For more information contact: Jim Britt at (207) 287-3156

AUGUSTA, ME - The recent wind storm caused substantial damage to Maine's coastal counties. After power and other utilities have been restored, property owners will be faced with the issue of what to do with storm-damaged trees. Project Canopy, a program of the Maine Forest Service (MFS), offers tips and helpful guidance to property owners faced with questions about what to do with downed trees, limbs, and branches.

  1. Trees and branches on homes and around power lines- Homeowners need to find immediate solutions for trees and branches on their homes. Branches and trees on power lines should be dealt with by calling local power companies. Even if a hanging limb is clear of power and utility wires, homeowners should rely on professionals to assess the severity of the damage before trying to repair or remove the branch.
  2. Injured trees requiring climbing or chainsaw work Call a licensed arborist for help. Arborists are tree care professionals who are trained to assess and correct storm-damaged trees. They also have the experience needed to diagnose how much of a tree can or should be saved. Homeowners should be wary of those offering fly-by-night, emergency tree-cutting services. Always ask for proof of licensing, insurance and work references.
  3. Trees covered with ice As we head into colder months, ice and snow loads can further damage leaning trees or branches not broken free and can make a potentially dangerous situation even more so. Do not work around limbs that have broken off (or partially broken off) and are hung up in a tree crown. These can break off at any time with devastating force. Contact a licensed and insured arborist.


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