Public Comment: DACF Proposes Expansion of Quarantines to Slow the Spread of Three Tree Killing Invasive Species

Division / Program: Animal and Plant Health, Maine Forest Service
Date: August 21, 2023 - September 22, 2023

Event Type: Public Comment

The Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry proposes expanding three forest protection quarantines to slow the spread of emerald ash borer, hemlock woolly adelgid, and European larch canker. State Horticulturist Gary Fish presented background information on these proposed changes during a public hearing on September 6.

The proposed changes to the emerald ash borer quarantine, Chapter 275, are designed to protect Maine's forest and timber resources to slow movement of the emerald ash borer to uninfested parts of the State. The proposal extends the quarantined area in the Northern Aroostook County area and into multiple new counties in southern Maine. These measures help protect over 60% of the ash resource that is still outside the current quarantine areas of Maine. Chapter 275 Proposed Rules Draft (DOCX) / Proposed EAB Quarantine Expansion Map (PDF)

The adjustments to the European larch canker quarantine, Chapter 272, extend a state quarantine against the European larch canker to prevent its movement from Hancock, Knox, Lincoln, Sagadahoc, and Waldo Counties and parts of Androscoggin, Cumberland, Penobscot, and Washington counties to other parts of the State to protect Maine's forest and landscape tree resources. The European larch canker is federally regulated, and this rule fulfills the requirement that Maine must have a similar state quarantine in place because the state is partially regulated for European larch canker. Chapter 272 Proposed Rules Draft (PDF) / Proposed ELC Quarantine Expansion Map (PDF)

The suggested changes to the hemlock woolly adelgid quarantine, Chapter 266, modify the existing hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) quarantine by extending it to additional counties and Minor Civil Divisions in southern Maine. This expansion is needed because HWA populations were discovered outside the existing quarantine area. Chapter 266 Proposed Rules Draft (PDF) / Proposed HWA Quarantine Expansion Map (PDF)

Written Comments

If commenters cannot attend the public hearings in person or virtually, written comments must be submitted by 5:00 PM on September 22, 2023. Those attending the live sessions are welcome to submit additional written comments. Comments can be submitted to:

Gary Fish, State Horticulturist
Department of Agriculture, Conservation & Forestry
28 State House Station, Augusta, ME

Telephone: (207) 287-7545
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