Woodlot Tour: A Look at Forest Management on a Small Ownership - Hodgdon

Division / Program: Forest Service

Date: March 23, 2021
Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Location: Howard Farm woodlot at 101 Westford Hill Rd., Hodgdon
Event Type: Workshop/Training

Join us for a walking tour of a managed woodlot in Hodgdon, Maine. We will view and discuss recent harvest operations as well as past forestry activities. Other topics will include an introduction to tree identification, managing to meet multiple objectives (wildlife, recreation, timber income), and working with a professional forester. There will also be a brief pruning demonstration and review of pruning tools and techniques. This tour is geared towards landowners with small woodlots who would like to learn more about forest management.

Topics and Presenters

Introduction and announcements
Angie Wotton, Manager, SASWCD

Woodlot tour including discussions on tree ID, managing to meet multiple objectives, and working with a professional forester. The tour will also showcase a recent timber harvest and past forestry treatments.
David Irving, Forester, Shelterwood Solutions
Dan Jacobs, Forester, Maine Forest Service

Pruning demonstration
David Irving and Dan Jacobs

Wrap up


Rebecca Traister and Darius Wadia, landowners
David Irving, Shelterwood Solutions
Southern Aroostook Soil and Water Conservation District
Maine Woodland Owners
Maine Forest Service

Contact Name: Angie Wotton at Southern Aroostook SWCD
Contact Phone: 207-254-4126
Cost: Free but Registration Required by contacting Angie Wotton at Southern Aroostook SWCD