Fundamental BMPs to Protect Water Quality on Haul Roads and Skid Trails - Millinocket

Division / Program: Maine Forest Service

Date: May 2, 2024
Time: 8:00 AM
Location: Brochu Garage, 350 Golden Road, Millinocket, ME
Event Type: Workshop/Training

This workshop is designed for loggers and foresters and includes indoor presentations and an outdoor session. The workshop will focus on the Fundamental BMPs with an emphasis on controlling the flow of water and minimizing/stabilizing exposed mineral soil.

Registration is limited to 20.



  • BMPs and Water Quality: An Introduction to the main Topics for BMP Level One training.
    Jim Ferrante, District Forester, Maine Forest Service

  • Best Management Practices for Forestry: Protecting Maine's Water Quality: An introduction to the Maine Forest Service BMP manual.
    Tom Gilbert, Water Resources Specialist, Maine Forest Service

  • Maines Fundamental Best Management Practices for Forestry with Scenarios.
    Jim Ferrante, District Forester, Maine Forest Service
    Lauren Ouellette, District Forester, Maine Forest Service

  • Lunch - Provided

  • Field Site Visit One - Controlling water on skid trails and around yards
    • Using the BMP Monitoring approach to assess the trail as a class and in groups
    • Discussion of BMP improvements

  • Field Site Site Two - Planning a Crossing
    • In groups, determine location of crossing
    • What type of crossing should be installed
    • What BMPs are applicable and why
    • Using the BMP Monitoring approach to assess the crossing and approaches
    • Discussion of BMP improvements

Continuing Education Credits:

  • CLP- 1 day recertification
  • Master Logger 6 credit hours
  • SAF 4 category 1 credits

Thank You to our Partners and Sponsors:

  • A&A Brochu
  • Maine SFI
  • Pleasant River Lumber
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Contact Phone: 207-441-4308
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