Browntail Moth Nest Clipping Day - Pownal

Division / Program: Maine Forest Service

Date: March 2, 2024
Time: 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Location: Mallet Hall, Pownal
Event Type: Workshop/Training, Browntail Moth

The Pownal Conservation Commission and Recreation Committee invite YOU to help your neighbors remove browntail winter webs! This is an outdoor event, please come dressed to work outdoors and the town will take care of the rest! Attendees will have an opportunity to learn about browntail moth mitigation and browntail web removal. There will be pole pruners to help aid in the removal of the winter webs. Make sure to bring work gloves to reduce contact with any possible browntail hairs when handling the webs. Need help with browntail moth mitigation, or know someone who does? Contact the Pownal Town Office for more information at (207) 688-4611.

Inclement weather date, March 9, 2024

Contact Name: Pownal Town Office
Contact Phone: (207) 688-4611