ConnectMaine Statute, 35-A M.R.S.A. Ch. 93 (pdf)


ConnectMaine Authority Rule, Ch. 101 (pdf)

Public Hearing

The ConnectMaine Authority conducts rulemaking to incorporate statutory changes made by the state legislature. Rulemaking in part due to an Appropriations Act, LD 122 of the 130th Legislature commenced in September. A virtual public hearing on the posted rule is scheduled for October 4, and registration is required.  

Public Comment

Designation of broadband service occurs at least annually and is subject to a thirty-day comment period. At its April meeting, the ConnectMaine Authority approved the designation of broadband service as at least 100/100mbps, and the use of 50/10mbps for the designation of unserved areas. More detail about this designation is covered in the memo on broadband service (pdf). The ConnectMaine Authority confirmed these decisions at an emergency meeting in June. Previously, broadband service has been determined as 25mbps download and 3mbps upload, and unserved areas were those where this level of broadband service is unavailable.