About ConnectME

The ConnectME Authority is a public instrumentality of Maine state government whose mission is to facilitate the universal availability of broadband to all Maine households and businesses and help them understand the valuable role it can play in enriching their lives and helping their communities thrive.

Duties of the Authority include:

  • Establish criteria defining unserved and underserved areas;
  • Promote use of broadband service;
  • Support broadband investment;
  • Facilitate state support of deployment of broadband infrastructure;
  • Collect and disseminate information; and
  • Administer funds.

About the Authority

The ConnectME Broadband Authority currently consists of a board of six members, an Executive Director, Assistant Director,and assistance from the Office of Information Technology.

The Authority consists of the following seven voting members:

  • The Chair of the Public Utilities Commission;
  • The Chief Information Officer of the State or the officer’s designee;
  • One representative of consumers, appointed by the Governor;
  • Two members with significant knowledge of communications technology, appointed by the Governor;
  • The Commissioner of Economic and Community Development or the commissioner’s designee; and
  • One member with significant knowledge of telemedicine, appointed by the Governor.

Learn more about the Authority Members.

Contact Us

General Inquiries: Connect.ME@maine.gov

Peggy Schaffer, Executive Director, ConnectME
peggy.schaffer@maine.gov, 207-624-9807

Brooke Johnson, Assistant Director, ConnectME
Brooke.Johnson@maine.gov, 207-624-9849

Mailing address:

ConnectME Authority
59 State House Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0059