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Welcome to Take Our Daughters, Sons, And Kids to Work Day 2021!

Watch Governor Mills' Welcome Address:

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National Programing

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Pillars of Public Service

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Claws On Activities

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Virtual Fieldtrips

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Sweets, Selfies & Survey

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Participate virtually with millions of students, parents, educators, and employers across the world through the Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work (TODASTW) organization! It is a day when students dream big and learn how to make those dreams come true. To celebrate the 28th anniversary of this event, TODASTW is continuing its commitment to events that build on the imagination of what is possible in the workplace, contribute to the future of a diverse and inclusive workplace (socio-economically, racially, and ethnically), and create access to a variety of careers for all children.

Keynote Speakers: 

Gloria Steinem – an American feminist journalist and social political activist who became nationally recognized as a leader and a spokeswoman for the American feminist movement in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Gitanjali Rao – a 15 year old inventor, author, scientist, and engineer, recognized for her inventions including Tethys, Epione, and Kindly—an early lead detection tool, a device for early diagnosis of prescription opioid addition using genetic engineering, and an anti-cyberbullying service using artificial intelligence, respectively. 

Tune in to the online event by registering with Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work Day. Since the State of Maine is participating virtually, adults should follow the registration instructions on the website for working from home parents: Share your name and/or company and state in the open-ended question that you are participating from home and the number of youth attending. 


State of Maine Careers

Story Time

  • American Democracy  The Maine Department of Labor created a a discovery dashboard for students and jobseekers to explore the many career options available to them, what the future looks like for occupations in Maine, and the educational/training requirements that are often necessary to pursue a desired career path.
  • American Democracy  You've been elected! Put yourself in the shoes of a lawmaker: discover the different interests on each side of a public policy issue and learn how negotiation and compromise can lead to a good result. (Grades 6-12)
  • Vanity Plate Jumble  Can you figure out what these vanity plates are trying to say?
  • Chickadee Club Jumble  Become a member of the Chickadee Club by unscrambling these words
  • Maine Symbols Quiz  Test your knowledge!
  • Kids Recipes  Recipes using real Maine products as the key ingredient
  • Coloring Book  Color in the symbols of Maine
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt  Go on an adventure through the Maine State Museum! 
  • Maine State Museum – Learn and play with exhibits from home: 1960s Living Room, Story of the Passenger Pigeon, and Logging Camps
  • Nature-Based Educational Activities  Families can use downloadable activities, worksheets, coloring sheets, and educational posters to learn about the outdoors together
  • Wildlife Management Areas  Find a Wildlife Management Area near you using this interactive map
  • Fish and Wildlife  Learn all about Maine’s fish and wildlife, including species information and management plans
  • Fishing in Maine  Start your Maine fishing adventure
  • Hunting in Maine  Start your Maine hunting adventure
    • Safety Courses  Completing a recreational safety course is an important step in preparing for a lifetime of safe and outdoor adventures in Maine and beyond
  • State House Tour Take a virtual tour of the building where the Legislature meets to introduce, debate, and pass legislation, which then becomes state law
  • Maine Wildlife Park  Learn more about Maine animals from your own home!
  • Traveling Though Maine in 1820  Follow the 500-mile journey of Joseph Treat, John Neptune, and Jacob Holyoke as they report on Maine's forests and soils
  • Audubon Live Cams  Watch birds build nests and raise their young, live from Maine
  • Smithsonian Natural History Museum  Explore the Smithsonian
  • National Gallery of Art  Learning resources and programs for audiences of all ages 
  • National Constitution Center  In this virtual museum experience, discover exhibits about the constitutional conflicts of the Civil War to the vision and ambition of Alexander Hamilton
  • Museum of Science, Boston, Massachusetts  A collection of STEM resources designed to bring the Museum to you! 
  • Louvre Museum  Visit the museum rooms and galleries, admire the palace architecture, and enjoy the views
  • Colonial Williamsburg  Immerse yourself in the sites of colonial Virginia from anywhere in the world with virtual tours, scavenger hunts, and webcam footage of the village
  • Snack on something sweet, especially if it's a Maine treat!
  • Take a selfie with your adult, at their workstation, if possible
  • Submit your end-of-trip survey on April 22nd to learn about your souvenir for a completed journey through public service

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