Bedrock Geology 1:500,000-scale Digital Data

This dataset shows bedrock geology units and major faults for Maine at 1:500,000 scale. The dataset was developed by the Maine Geological Survey (MGS) from the "Bedrock Geologic Map of Maine, Osberg, Hussey, and Boone, 1985." The data for this dataset were scanned off 1:500,000 scale mylars by the U. S. Geological Survey in 1987. The original bedrock unit codes were added by the J.W. Sewall Co. in 1990 for the Maine Low-Level Radioactive Waste Authority. In 1994, staff at MGS identified and added codes for major bedrock faults. Bedrock unit codes assigned to this dataset are available in comma delimited text and .dbf format.

Digital Data

In 2002, MGS published the Simplified bedrock geologic map of Maine. This map was modified from the Osberg, Philip H., Hussey, Arthur M., II, and Boone, Gary M. (editors), 1985, Bedrock geologic map of Maine. The data used to produce this simplified map is provided below. Users should be advised that these data are generalized from the full 1985 map.

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