Maine Coastal Property Owner's Guide to Erosion, Flooding, and Other Hazards


bluff erosion

The Maine Geological Survey created the Maine Coastal Property Owner’s Guide to Erosion, Flooding, and Other Hazards, 2nd edition to educate coastal property owners on identifying features of the Maine coastline, their related hazards such as flooding and erosion, and based on the level of those hazards and property owner's interests, the potential mitigation and adaptation strategies to deal with those hazards.

Specifically, this guide will help coastal property owners:

  • identify important features of the Maine coastline;
  • familiarize themselves with potential hazards associated with certain types of coastal features;
  • identify specific characteristics of different types of coastal hazards;
  • help coastal property owners identify the presence, absence, or potential level of certain hazard types on their property;
  • identify potential strategies that can be undertaken to mitigate for identified hazards; and
  • identify applicable rules and regulations associated with certain hazards.

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