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Mineralogy of Maine

Volume 2: Mining History, Gems, and Geology

edited by
Vandall T. King


524 p. (45 color photos, 344 black-and-white photos)

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Mineralogy of Maine, Volume 1: Descriptive Mineralogy

The Maine Geological Survey has published Volume 2 of the "Mineralogy of Maine." This book is a collection of articles with emphasis on the state's rich mining history, gem production, and geology. It was edited by Vandall King, who is an authority on Maine minerals. He has collected a tremendous amount of information on mining history, including gem mining operations and the 1880's silver boom in eastern Maine. Much of this information has never appeared in print, and there are many rare photographs of people and places connected with Maine mining. Related topics include the development of the science of mineralogy in Maine, and the history of the Maine Geological Survey.

The volume also includes chapters on other varied topics such as meteorites, the types of gems found in Maine (with color photos), and a review of all previous literature on Maine mineral collecting and guidebooks. Another useful chapter is a collection of maps showing precise locations of all known significant mineral localities in Maine. These maps are cross-referenced to lists giving both the preferred and alternate names of the localities.

The final chapter updates mineral discoveries that have occurred in Maine since the publication of Volume 1. There are many pages of black-and-white and color photos showing mineral specimens that were found recently.

Table of Contents

        Vandall T. King
Acknowledgments ii
A Geologic History of Maine
        Robert G. Marvinney and Woodrow B. Thompson
Maine Meteorites
           Carl A. Francis
Selected History of Maine Mining and Minerals
        Vandall T. King
  • Early History of Maine Mining and Minerals
  • Mineralogy in Maine at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century: Parker Cleaveland and Benjamin Vaughan
  • Charles Thomas Jackson: His Works and His Problems
  • Mount Mica: The Beginnings of Maine Mineral Production
  • The History of Lord Hill, Black Mountain, Mount Apatite, and Nathaniel H. Perry
  • The Newry Quarries
  • The Silver Boom
  • Reports from the Acton Silver Mines and Other Districts
  • References Cited on Maine Mining History
History of the Maine Geological Survey and Its Mineralogical Activities
        Woodrow B. Thompson
Loren B. Merrill's Gem Cutting Machine
        Benjamin M. Shaub
Mining Experiences and Observations at Mount Mica in 1964 and 1965
        Frank Perham
Diary of the Newry Tourmaline Discovery - 1972
        Dean McCrillis
Extracts from a Diary Concerning Mining at the Dunton Mine, Newry, Maine
        John Marshall
Gemstones of Maine
        John J. Bradshaw
Color Plates 307
Maine Calc-Silicate Collecting Localities
        Duane L. Leavitt
The Bennett Pegmatite, Oxford County, Maine
        Michael A. Wise and Timothy R. Rose
Analyses of Primary Phosphates from Pegmatites in Maine and Other Localities
        Paul Moore
Electron Microprobe Analyses for Crandallite-Group Minerals from Maine Pegmatites
        Michael Brownfield and Eugene Foord
Maine Checklists and Guidebooks - The Collector's Literature: A Review and Personal Evaluation
        Neil A. Wintringham
Maine Mineral Locality Index
        Woodrow B. Thompson, Neil A. Wintringham, and Vandall T. King
Mineralogy of Maine - Addenda to Volume 1
        Vandall T. King and Eugene E. Foord
Mineral Photographs (Black-and-White Plates) 433
Index 513

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